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In the Vitamin Lounge, proactive measures are taken and vitamins are injected with the help of infusions to provide the body with the nutrients it needs, support it in vital functions and preventively address discomfort, stress, lack of energy, and aging processes in the skin.

Vitamin infusions are suitable for all health-conscious people who take care of their body and appearance and do not want to give diseases a chance to invade the immune system. People who want to age healthily and modern women who attach great importance to a youthful and healthy appearance experience the ideal supply of their individual wishes and goals with the injected vitamins. Active people as well as competitive athletes, for whom essential nutrients and regeneration are very important, receive the ideal supply by means of vitamin infusions in order to stay fit and build up muscles.

Presentation of the Vitamin Lounge
Our Vitamin infusions for your individual needs
WORKOUT-BOOSTER-INFUSION <br> <span class="pro-price"> 160€</span>
IMMUN-BOOSTER-INFUSION <br> <span class="pro-price"> 180€</span>
DETOX-INFUSION <br> <span class="pro-price"> 190€</span>
ANTI-HANGOVER-INFUSION <br> <span class="pro-price"> 160€</span>
ANTI-AGING-INFUSION <br> <span class="pro-price"> 200€</span>
DAILY ENERGY INFUSION <br> <span class="pro-price"> 90€</span>
Why choose the Vitamin Lounge

To do something good for your health and to supply your body with all essential vitamins, you should pay us a visit. – You will feel the difference.



Essenzielle Vitamine Icon

Essential vitamins

You will receive high-dose vitamin infusions adapted to your needs.

Bioverfügbarkeit Icon

High bioavailability

Instead of swallowing tablets, valuable vitamins reach your bloodstream 100 percent without detours.

Kundenerlebnis Icon

Customer experience

Get the full range of vital vitamins while daydreaming on a massage chair with virtual reality goggles.

Ganzheitliche Beratung Icon

Holistic advice

Vitamin Lounge accompanies you on your way to optimized health with current, scientific findings.

Arzt Icon

Treatments by doctors

After your personal consultation, vitamin infusions are administered by medical personnel only.

Franchise Icon

Franchise system

Guarantees rapid market entry through a sophisticated marketing strategy and the highest quality standard of products.

Standorte Icon

Multiple locations

Regardless of location – Where Vitamin Lounge is on the outside, Vitamin Lounge is on the inside.

Our process

We are characterized by the greatest efficiency, the highest quality, and professional expertise.


To make an appointment, you can book online, by email, or by phone.

Evaluation and in-depth consultation

In order to choose the most suitable treatment for you and to detect any vitamin deficiency, a proper and professional examination and evaluation of your data will be carried out, followed by a consultation with a doctor.

Administration of vitamin infusions

After the informative consultation, you will receive high-quality vitamin infusions that have been tailored to your individual needs.

The franchise system of the future

The Vitamin Lounge is a scalable concept for administering vitamin infusions to health-conscious, modern people. The franchise concept is based on opening stores that are converted into Vitamin Lounges. Starting with three locations in Salzburg, Innsbruck, and Munich, the Vitamin Lounge represents an exclusive studio that provides a unique patient experience and a new attitude towards life.

Medical Management

In order to guarantee expert knowledge of the Vitamin Lounge, the formulas of the vitamin infusions have been developed according to current scientific standards. In order to guarantee continuous education and to pass on expert knowledge, regular training and seminars are held for the franchise partners.

Our main spirits
CEO & Founder
Daniel Einy M.A
CEO & Founder
Marketing Team
Julia Maria Ortner
Valeria G.
Sales Team
Ara Einy B.Sc.
Head of Sales
Julia Maria Ortner
Business Development
Dipl.-Betriebswirt Dirk Thom
Business Development
Creative director of interior design
Ing. Norbert Habringer
Creative Director Interior Design

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