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Vitamin infusions are used for prevention and therapy with macro-and micronutrients (nutrients, vital substances). Longer-term infusion therapies are carried out after an individual blood analysis. Therefore, the client receives the vital substances that exactly meet his or her requirements and needs. The administration of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and other natural organic compounds as vitamin infusions is based on scientific findings in orthomolecular medicine, biochemistry, and physiology.

Our process
Customer interaction

After a consultation with a doctor, before any major and long-term vitamin treatment, an inventory of the status, i.e…

Evaluation and in-depth discussion

During the very first treatment, there is no need to perform a large blood count including vitamin and mineral testing …

Administration of vitamin infusions

During the vitamin infusions, high doses of active ingredients reach the bloodstream directly and without any detours through …

Vitamin Lounge App
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Our app gives you the perfect overview of our vitamin infusions. In addition, you will be able to book and reserve all treatments very soon. You can also browse through our vitamin wiki at your leisure. There you will find interesting facts about health, vitamins and nutrients.
Medical Management

In order to guarantee expert knowledge of the Vitamin Lounge, the formulas of the vitamin infusions have been developed according to current scientific standards. In order to guarantee continuous education and to pass on expert knowledge, regular training and seminars are held for the franchise partners.

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