Franchise concept

Vitamin Lounge - The novel franchise concept of the future for administering vitamin infusions to health-conscious, modern people.

Self-employed as a vitamin lounge franchise partner

Do you want to start your own business in the healthcare sector with an already successful concept? Let’s do it together as a team! Become a Vitamin Lounge franchisee. Open your own Vitamin Lounge location for the administration of vitamin infusions as a preventive measure and become part of our success story.

Our franchise concept
Many locations - same quality
Scalable, novel concept

Vitamin Lounge is a franchise system to provide essential vitamins and minerals to modern and health-conscious people ...


Booming industry

Despite the fact that the life expectancy of people in Austria, Germany, and Switzerland has barely increased in recent ...


Rapid Return on investment (ROI)

Due to the professional team, the highest quality products, and the sophisticated strategies, a quick return on investment is recorded.


Marketing team

Our professional marketing team executes a sales promotion strategy and ensures interaction, reach generation ...


Many locations

Starting with three locations in Salzburg, Innsbruck, and Munich, the Vitamin Lounge will quickly establish itself ...


Personal support

If despite regular contact with our team, you should have any concerns, questions, or problems, personal support ...


Unique patient experience

While valuable vitamins are introduced directly into the patients' bloodstream by means of an infusion, they make ...