Q&A franchise system

Do you have further questions about the Vitamin Lounge franchise concept? We are happy to answer all important questions for you.


At Vitamin Lounge, health-conscious, modern and practical-minded people receive the ideal supply of vital vitamins through vitamin infusions in order to function perfectly in everyday life and to remedy other ailments such as stress, loss of appetite, or signs of aging.

Vitamin Lounge is the franchise system of the future for medical professionals and is based on the administration of vitamin infusions as a lifestyle and preventive product.

  • First franchise system in Europe for the administration of vitamin infusions
  • Holistic digitalized franchise system for doctors, alternative practitioners, and managers working with doctors
  • Own website, booking platform, and VitaNET (internal network)
  • Own application (VitaAPP)
  • Programming of artificial intelligence in the field of blood analysis
  • Collection of all data to further develop the entire Vitamin Lounge business concept
  • First-class customer experience due to well-thought-out operational processes
  • in-house marketing team that handles advertising for the franchise partner,
  • In-house IT specialists
  • in-house team of architects

You can become a Vitamin Lounge franchise partner by contacting us. Once an agreement has been reached, the franchise contract can be signed and the business start-up can begin.

The Vitamin Lounge franchise system is aimed at doctors, alternative practitioners, and managers who work with a doctor to expand the market for vitamin infusions and nutritional supplements in a new and innovative way. The goal is to establish this in the form of the Vitamin Lounge franchise system.

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Passion for the healthcare industry
  • Ambition for maximum success
  • Social skills
  • Appropriate equity capital
  • Basic commercial knowledge
  • Entrepreneurial freedom
  • Lower entrepreneurial risk, since there is an existing concept and thus a quick market entry takes place
  • Know-how and expert knowledge of the franchisor is available
  • Purchasing advantages and existing marketing
  • Extensive support from the franchisor

If the franchise partners are doctors or non-medical practitioners (non-medical practitioners are only allowed to administer infusions in certain countries), they administer vitamin infusions to the Vitamin Lounge’s customers themselves.

If the franchise partners are managers or people in management positions who then have to work together with doctors or nurses – i.e. people who are authorized to administer infusions, the franchise partners take over the management of their respective locations.

Your main responsibilities include:

  • Performing management duties at your own location
  • Performing operational tasks
  • Contributing their own know-how to the franchise system

No. There are two options. There is the possibility of a shop-in-shop system if an ordination already exists and a free treatment room is available for the treatment (setting the vitamin infusions) of the customers, or one looks for and opens a completely new location.

No, we do not grant site exclusivity except for franchises.

Generally speaking, a certain amount of own financial strength is necessary to become a franchise partner. The franchise partner must initially expect to pay at least €30,000 for the franchise fee and around €25,00 in investment costs for interior design, furnishings, and remodeling.

Other costs:

Monthly IT fee: €400
Monthly franchisee fee: 3% of net sales
Monthly marketing fee: 1% of net sales

Based on experience with existing Vitamin Lounge locations, return on investment (ROI) is expected to be approximately one and a half years. – May vary by location.