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Q&A vitamin infusions

All questions about our vitamin infusions answered for you in detail.

  • Adapted to your individual needs, you will receive a high-dose, especially mixed vitamin infusion.
  • Elimination of your vital substance deficiencies
  • Reach the bloodstream directly and without detours
  • Direct effect and immediate effect of the selected vitamin infusion
  • Anti-inflammatory effect
  • Promotion of regeneration
  • Cell metabolism regulation
  • Improvement of cellular respiration
  • Supports metabolism
  • Supports the immune system
  • Acts against physical and mental overload
  • Binding and neutralization of free radicals
  • Pain relief
  • Slow down skin aging
  • Hydrates and restores your body’s lost vitamins and minerals
  • Nearly 100 percent bioavailability due to coordinated ingredients
  • Helps to lead pollutants out of the body
  • Monitored and treated by our physician

While valuable vitamins are introduced directly into your bloodstream by means of a vitamin infusion, you make yourself comfortable on a massage chair for around 30 minutes with virtual reality glasses. The specially selected world of VR glasses, the high comfort of the massage chair, and the luxurious ambiance provide you with a new experience and leave you feeling revitalized and refreshed after the short treatment.

The treatment time of a vitamin infusion is about 30 to 40 minutes.

Food supplements cannot replace a varied, healthy diet.

Workout booster infusion: BCAA, ascorbic acid (vitamin C), vitamin B complex, and magnesium – in NaCl.
Immune booster infusion: ascorbic acid (vitamin C), zinc, and vitamin B complex – in NaCl
Anti-aging infusion: lysine, arginine, zinc, vitamin B complex, and glutathione – in NaCl
Detox infusion: ascorbic acid (vitamin C), glutathione, vitamin B complex, and selenium – in NaCl
Anti-hangover infusion: ascorbic acid (vitamin C), magnesium, zinc, and vitamin B complex – in NaCl

The treatments by vitamin infusion lead already after the first session to the fact that one feels immediately more recovered, full of energy, the immune system is strengthened and the skin radiates – depending on the vitamin cocktail. With us, you can treat yourself to a break from everyday life and once again really recharge your batteries!

Prior to your first vitamin infusion, a consultation and familiarization session will be held with our physician to determine any nutrient deficiencies. Thus, possible deficiencies can be compensated by optimally mixed nutrient combinations and infusion therapies.

At your very first treatment, there is no need for a large blood count including vitamin and mineral testing. You may choose the vitamin infusion yourself at the first session.

The goal of treatment is to compensate for any vitamin and nutrient deficiencies and other deficiencies in the body. During the treatment, your body is given essential minerals, trace elements, and vitamins.

Depending on the vitamin infusion, a treatment amounts to 160 to 200€.